What makes us different?

We offer our clients audits using original Audit24 system. By using the latest technology we offer our services to every company in strategic areas, such as:

 Occupational Health and Safety  Fire Protection  Safe Building
 Management Systems Implementation  Environmental Protection  Human Resources and Payroll

Audit process consists of three essential steps: audit preparation, audit in Client’s facilities and audit summary.

See what Audit 24 is:

Audit24 Advantages:

Audit24 Advantages


Audit24 is an innovative and modern solution in audits performance. The system allows the user to perform audit processes without any interruptions by:

  • possibility to work on mobile application in off-line mode
  • suport for work out of office
  • 24h per day system availability


Only authorized persons have got the access to system resources, and the system itself secures the information against unauthorized access.

  • user identification by central authentication system (CAS)
  • safe confidential data storage, including personal data
  • system complies with safety requirements


Works results will never be lost.

  • critical data storage
  • legal acts versioning
  • documents versioning
  • complaints handling

System allows quick and precise data search.

  • objects search on the basis of metadata connected

Application modules:

  • Set of legal acts, internal procedures and technical documentation.

    Audit realization according to legal previsions, clients internal requirements, and technical documents.

  • Process includes audit preparation and its performance

    Due to application support, we can plan and schedule precisely the orders and audits. Base ocmpletes: control lists, service performance cards and multimedia.

  • Preparation of output documents summarizing the audit.

    After the audit, system generates complex reports, analysis and compliance registers.

  • System is easy to administrate. Executives can configure the system, users and their powers.

    Administration shares user data, user powers, dictionaries, including features and sales modules, user notifications.

The use of Audit24 at work ensures:

  • reducing the workload on the report creation
  • reducing the time spent at client’s facilities with respect to time spent at the office
  • reducing the time until initial report is sent to the client
  • reducing the number of mistakes in documents
  • reducing the time to prepare collective report

Application in business

  • Testimonial
    Audit24 application improves the quality of the audit, at the same time limits and accelerates communication with the client. Feel free to use our services!
    Jarosław Filipczakapplication inventor, Chairman of the Board of Office of Comprehensive Business Service J&J c.p.
  • Testimonial
    The use of this system at work makes audits easier and faster. Possibility of mistake is eliminated. Audit time is shortened. The system systematizes auditor’s work.
    Jan ChrzanowskiAuditor, Chairman of the Board of Office of Comprehensive Business Service J&J c.p.
  • Testimonial
    Due to the use of mobile application i supervise audits and auditors in a better way, minimize manual work during audit controls, and the audits themselves are carried out faster and contain less errors. The system is easy to use.
    Julia SulikMain HSE Specialist, Audit Manager
  • Testimonial
    Auditing proces with the use of Audit24 can be performed in every company, both as part of permanent cooperation and single orders. By performance of the audit you ensure high quality and successfully supervise the safety in the company.
    Magdalena PellowskaManaging Director


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